2013. november 5., kedd

Anglia & Beligum 2013.

 Open the floodgates to your heart
 And this one in Brussels
 Stuck in the middle of the time
 Beautiful view
 Tin Tin on the wall
The Manneken Pis
 We love this boy
 Golden view
 Dancing in the rain (made by our guide)
 Hold the world in my hand
 The tour what make my wish come true
 We went to England...after 5 hour in the sea. Yep, we love the tempest.
 Beautiful sea
 Let the sunsine, let the sunshine Baby
 Rainbow on the sea
 Everyone wanna live here.
 Peaceful street.
 Dear Darling...
 The picture speakes for itself
 Best place in the world
 Big wave
 Oh God!
 Our houses
 I loved this shop
 This house was maden by Shakespeare
 London Razor
 The Queen is here!
 Buckingham Palace
 Nice park
 A ploiceman made this pic about us. Yeah, man!
 Changing of the guard
 As in the tails
 The middle of the road
 Red payphone
 Nelson's Column
 Trafalgar Square
 London calls me a stranger, a traveller
 Red buses
 London Eye
 This is not my home
 Shinin' like a star
 The Sercret War
 Yeah, Imma spie!
 The city never sleeps
 London Eye
 River Thames
 Parliament and Big Ben
 Best view ever
 The whole city
 Top of the world
 Beautiful London
 Me, yep!
 Centre of London
 Get the London love
 Best of
 Big Ben
 This two will live forever
 London view
 Big Ben
 Sunshine in Engalnd...What?!
 Westminster Abbey
 Elit school
 When my heart stops
 British Museum
 Madame Tussauds
Jim Carrey, HAMM!
 Bald man!
 Elegante Emma Watson
 We protected Taylor Lautner's pride

 Dreams come true...Yeah...We made it.


 ET phone home!
 We love Shrek!
 Yeah, Girl!
 Tom Daley, oh!
 I love football, 'cause I love footballer. 
 Imagine all the people... - The Beatles
 Beyonce, yep!
 I belive I'm going crazy... - Robbie Williams
 We love the tennis...and the tennisman...and him butt.
 Barack Obama, yeah boy!
 Spiderman, save me!
 Give me away! 
 Nice one!
 We were made from glasses
 Place from my dreams
 Oh, God!
 I wanna live here!
 My dream house
 Science Museum
 Feeling like it's Chritsmas
 Tower Bridge
 The White Tower
I love my name...and love the cute boy in Starbusks.
 The Crown Jewels
 This love was made for two
 The british children are so scared.
 The city never sleeps while people walk by when it's late.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. De szerencses vagy!!!
    En mindigis el akartam jutni Anglia-ba, de eddig meg.nem sikerult. :/
    Ooo! Szoval innen vetted az otleteket az I'm a weaker. Is it so wrong?-ban az elejen amikor Lou-ek a viaszfigurakkal fotozkodnak. :D Rogton ez ugrott be! :D
    En is elakarok menni!!! :(
    Mikor voltal ott?

  2. Sikerülni fog, ne aggódj, biztosan össze jön, csak akarni kell. Igen, innen jött. Nem volt ihletem új sztorihoz, így belekezdtem egy élményszerűségbe, csak az Ő szemszögéből, aztán fél oldal után már megvolt az alaptörténet szerencsére. Őszi szünetbe voltam, nem olyan régen, mégis távolinak tűnik már. :)